As a dress agency, Labels welcomes contemporary designer and premium high street seasonal garments and beautiful accessories.
Would you like to sell your garments and accessories with us?
  • Your garments and accessories should be laundered, in excellent condition and ready to wear
  • Labels operates a 50/50 commission basis. It is your responsibility to collect monies from the sale of goods
  • If you wish to agree a specific price for an item please do so when you leave it with us, otherwise Labels will endeavour to obtain the best price using expertise and discretion
  • You will be given a collection date for goods, usually 12 weeks after leaving the items
  • At peak times your goods may be placed in a rota to ensure that stock is constantly refreshed
  • Unsold goods which are not collected will be removed and forwarded to charity
  • Whilst the care of your goods is paramount, all goods are left entirely at owners' risk